One team for all your immigration needs

Modern immigration law firm for businesses and high-skilled individuals. We provide personalized and practical immigration services to our clients.

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Who We Are

Ellis is a high-tech, high-touch immigration law firm offering premier immigration services

What We Do


Case Evaluation & Strategy

Evaluate visa options and get a clear breakdown of costs and timelines.


Document Gathering & Case Preparation

Leveraging our in-house expertise and technology, our team meticulously manages the visa application process, ensuring precision and efficiency.

Case Resolution

Case Submission & Management

Upon preparation, your case will be submitted to the relevant authorities. We take charge of all interactions with various government agencies, streamlining the process.

Compliance Strategy

Compliance Assurance & Proactive Monitoring

Our commitment extends beyond submission; we proactively ensure your continuous compliance with legal mandates, keeping you informed of legislative updates and upcoming renewal deadlines.

Why We're Different

The most tech-forward
We have an unbeatable combo: a team of immigration experts paired with a top-notch in-house engineering team.
The most attentive
We take time to understand your business. Our expert attorneys craft immigration strategies tailored for your company stage and size
The most aligned
Unlike other immigration law firms, we will refund your entire legal fee in the rare case of a denial. We only make money when your case is approved.